are a small team of dedicated Web and Graphic Designers who specialise in the production and maintenance of web sites and associated services primarily intended for small businesses, clubs etc. Normally creating a web site is something the small business often doesn't consider, undoubtedly due to the perceived costs or because they don't have the knowledge on how to go about getting one. Another factor can also be the preconception that a web site isn't needed without appreciating the benefits that owning one provides.

Now-a-days its not so much as "what would I need a web site for" but rather "why don't I have one", after all, who couldn't do without 24/7 world wide advertising to name but one of the many aspects your own web site could do for you and your company?

In general, and from experience, there is a perception out there that to own a web site requires a squad of IT boffins demanding salaries in excess of £50 per hour, or that web sites are the sole domain of companies with advertising budgets of thousands of pounds. NOT SO, for a very small investment you CAN compete successfully with the Big Boys in the realm of the World Wide Web.

So what exactly can a web site offer? The answer to this is virtually anything you want it to (see our FAQ's - frequently asked questions and sample designs). For example:

- just imagine the flexibility of being able to provide a detailed portfolio of your service, photographs of your products, comments from satisfied customers and so on. All this without having to pay extortionate printing fees for fliers and newspaper advertising. The cost of one newspaper add for a week can often more than pay for the creation and publishing of a web site!! Add your web address to letterheads, business cards, your transport and watch your business profile grow.

- introduce shopping carts to sell your products on-line, buy on-line from the plethora of businesses that already provide this function and often at substantially discounted rates compared with mail order or over the counter sales.

- provide your companies contact details and other information any time of the day or night. Establish email, guest books, feedback forums - the list goes on.

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